Recession Proof Businesses and Strategies to Recession Proof Your Own Business

Recession Proof Businesses will always have a better opportunity to survive in a severe recession, and if you are smart, and do your research, not only can they survive, but they can actually thrive in a recession or any economic collapse as we are now seeing in the U.S.

In choosing a business in a recession, look for the industries which are being impacted the most and identify a business which addressed the downturn in each. Obviously, most businesses will feel the impact, but there will always be some which experience more profit erosion than others.

As example, real estate has been hit hard due to the subprime mess and banking collapse. What do real estate people do when there is no business, then start prospecting as they are on commission basis for the most part, and no sales, no commissions, no income.

Just look in the newspaper to see the impact the downturn is having on the real estate industry, ads are a fraction of what there were, and this has a ripple effect in all advertising mediums, so here is the opportunity to thrive while others are trying to survive.

Look for more cost effective advertising alternatives to promote to the real estate industry. One of the best businesses which address this is the sales prospecting industry. When ads stop pulling in customers, you have to cultivate your existing client base trying to extract new business from your existing business, and this is a huge market.

One of the best advertising promotional businesses is the Predictive Call Dialer Sales Prospecting Industry. Simply put, imagine if you could offer the real estate industry a method to reach all their clients by internet phone messaging system with the touch of a key on any computer. You can now send a personal message to all your clients offering an update on local real estate prices, interest rates, taxes, anything relevant to a home owner shows you are committed to your clients. You don’t have to leave a message that is sales oriented, but staying in contact is critical in down economies when people are worried about their homes value.

This is an industry which most business owners do not know exists. Some of the most depressed markets are real estate, mortgage industry, auto dealers, stock brokers, financial consultants, insurance brokers, even the trades like plumbers, electricians and auto repair shops are struggling as people put off repairs. Everyone needs to stay in contact with their customers and clients to cultivate as many future sales as possible. It is always easier to create sales from within your client base than it is outside of it. Your warm market is always going to be the most receptive to being contacted with valuable information on your business or your industry in general.

There are several companies which specialize in predictive call dialers software. The most powerful system I have researched is an internet based system which does not require your phone lines being tied up when using as was the case with older dialers I had used a decade earlier. This new system is more powerful and less costly as there is no equipment to purchase or extra lines to be added in your home or office. Speaking of the real estate industry above, the mortgage industry is also dead due to subprime mortgage mess and banking system collapse. Even if people have good credit, mortgage money is not available. And for those who are losing their jobs, facing bankruptcy or foreclosure, never mind the millions who have bad or no credit, where is their hope of the American dream of home ownership? With millions unable to realize their dream home, this new business is worth your attention as it addresses a huge need with unending demand, even in good economic times.

New home construction is off by over 50% this past year, and as prices come down, it doesn’t help when there is no mortgage money available. ICF World Homes has a new strategy perfect for the first time home buyer, those with no or bad credit, bankruptcies, or worse, facing foreclosure. We know from the subprime mortgage disaster that there will be no hope for millions of credit challenged home buyers as mortgage underwriting guidelines become almost impossible to get an approval even with 30% plus down payments, the market is consumed with the fear factor banks all have.

Imagine a solution where the home buyer has an option to earn their dream home? ICF, which is Insulated Concrete Form homes provides the best construction for less. ICF is hurricane and earthquake strength construction which lowers insurance costs and energy costs, and with this new earn your new home option, it requires no mortgage approval. This is an industry which solving one of the largest economic issues in our history, and you can get in at the ground floor level with a new home construction company offering this self funded new home plan.

If you want to start a new business, you want to research ICF World Homes by taking a free tour of their new home presentation. As one who was in the environmental construction industry for years, I saw the value of this new option immediately. This is one of the best recession proof businesses I have researched over the years and worth your consideration.

As you can see, the above businesses can either enhance your existing real estate business, or other related businesses, or you can choose to start a new business, either way, both are recession proof and will produce extra profits by lowering your advertising costs while adding to your bottom line. There are very few products or services which will lower your business overhead while also increasing your profits. These two are unique in that they are at worst, cost free to use as others will also see the extreme benefits of implementing them in their businesses. How many business owners do you have as clients?

The third business I have identified as recession proof is introducing a breakthrough new T1 T3 super high speed wireless WiFi technology which will save everyone thousands over all the competition. As with all new technologies, you want to be positioned upon introduction to capitalize on this tremendous new wireless technology.

T1 high speed currently costs on average $350.00 per month. How many people do you know who complain about their current ISP’s, Internet Service Providers? Cost is one thing, but with Its-Your-Net you get super high speed, both upline and downline for only $19.95 per month. T3 is only $79.95, so imagine the demand for this new WiFi wireless which you take with you wherever you go for only $19.95. Current mobile wireless is $80.00 per month from the major carriers. Imagine offering this recession proof low cost higher quality service to your existing business clients, or as a new business, or better yet, both.

In closing, choose your recession proof businesses carefully. The above are what I have identified as the best of the best, and ones I too am involved with. Do your own due diligence, don’t take the word of anyone on which business is best suited for you, for only you can answer that. I prefer low risk to no risk businesses especially in a recession.

In my years in traditional and online businesses, I have learned how to survive and thrive in all economic environments. No matter what category of business you are in, you can make it recession proof with a little research. Another little known strategy is to join with other business cooperatives which allow you to access business tools for less than the cost for individual businesses, especially the small businesses. Health coverage plans are available, major advertising media is available at discounts of up to 90% if you are a member. Research business organizations so you can access these business tools at a huge discount lowering your business overhead. It is like having a Wealth Warranty on your business.

Success to all,
M. R. Sullivan