How to Plan For Long Term Growth Regardless of Business Type, Size Or Industry

Thousands of businesses across North America are well-positioned to get pummeled by their competition or go out of business in just a few years from now. No, it’s not the current state of our economy, it’s not inflation, it’s actually much simpler than that.

There are just a few simple, yet very potent strategies fast-growth companies use to literally force their competitors out of business.

Once these strategies are understood and applied, you will know once and for all why you may be working part-time “for free” and financing Uncle Sam just like thousands of well-intentioned business owners do, with little or no return on their time and investment.

Regardless of what you do or the size of your business, you can apply the following knowledge to your business and expect to see a significant return on your investment in a realistic time-frame of just a few months.

If you are frustrated with the results you are getting with your business, your overhead is overwhelming you or you just need clarity as to what’s going wrong and what can be done to change course, please know our staff can help you identify what’s wrong and share knowledge only a small fraction of business owners know about.

Make no mistake about it, what I am about to share with you is heavily guarded knowledge that most business owners never share – even with trusted friends. Why? Because should they reveal this knowledge, there’s someone out there who could become a formidable threat to them and their ability to earn money for themselves and their families.

Please know I will not hold back on sharing exactly what you need to know.

Does it take time to learn and apply this knowledge? Yes, it does! It takes time and energy on your behalf.

With that said, a question we also get from our clients is: “Why should I trust you?” That is a fair question. Let me answer it: Over the last 20 years, I have been blessed to work for some of the greatest companies in the world and be around some extremely smart chief executive officers, business process analysts, engineers and operations managers.

What these people taught me are the real secrets to why the companies they operate are at the top of their game. Let’s name a few of these companies: FedEx, Ingram Micro, D-Link Systems and a half-dozen other firms featured in Red Herring Magazine over the last decade.

Do you have to be a Fortune 1000 company to understand and apply this knowledge? Absolutely not!

Do you have to invest your time and resources to make a positive change in your business? Absolutely!

So what areas of knowledge am I referencing that need to be addressed, analyzed and discussed for you to avoid the crash-and-burn syndrome happening all across North America? To keep this simple and to the point, I will not name all of the discussion points, but I will laser beam you in on what you should know right out of the gate.

These few things are the exact pieces of knowledge your top competitors understand, analyze and construct with meticulous execution. What smart business owners know is that there are areas within their business that if done correctly, can save them thousands of dollars in lost time and reworks, and present huge gains in customer service levels and profitability, regardless of business size or number of store locations.

They all have one common denominator that inevitably crushes the competition: They thoroughly understand how to correctly digitize and integrate certain core business processes, build them around their business architecture and create a business model that eliminates discretion at the operational level and empowers employees to perform way beyond expectation.

That’s the key. There is nothing more to it. Now, take action on the knowledge you just read. So what’s in it for you? If you simply take the time to process what you’ve just read, objectively look at how much time you’re wasting on repetitive, time consuming tasks that could be improved using an improved process you’re one-step closer.

Also, assess what existing processes and applications are forcing your staff to perform multiple tasks that could be significantly improved when digitized, you’re half way there. Simply digitizing a process is not the solution. Proper integration of digital processes with people and manual tasks are paramount to your long-term growth and profitability.

With proper analysis, design, implementation and management, you are well on your way to free yourself up and then focus on the business rather than let the business control you. Know this: Success in business is rarely accidental. It’s an ongoing process that demands comprehensive planning, organization, coordination and analysis at every decision-making node to ensure the very best results. Aside from your people, who are your most valuable resource, technology is the most critical profit-earning and cost-reduction investment you will ever make.

When designed correctly, synchronized with core business processes and people, your technology infrastructure is the catalyst for a highly effective, extremely profitable business model. From initial concept to final implementation, there are a series of events that if properly implemented, will significantly increase your chances of long-term success.

When time, energy and monetary resources are properly utilized, managed and monitored, you position your business to leverage the very best technology has to offer. Integration of the correct technologies into business processes is at the heart of why some businesses quickly accelerate past their competitors.

A well-defined and carefully orchestrated project management plan, along with ongoing testing and monitoring, will influence the final outcome of your unique business model. The fact is, technology integration must meet present-day requirements and challenges, yet remain flexible enough to accommodate changes that are imminent in virtually every business I’ve had the privilege of working in.

More importantly, your technology infrastructure must be resilient, scalable, replicable, dependable and most of all – deliver cost-effective results.