Every Successful Online Business Starts With a Business Plan

The way to make a living online is to treat your business as a real business Don’t think of it as a hobby that might eventually make a profit. Focus on it and treat it like the business that it is intended to be.

Too often people only think of the NOW when trying to make money online, instead of planning for the future. All they can see or understand is that they must make their mortgage payment NOW, or they must pay that car loan NOW, or they must have that HD television NOW. They don’t think about planning for a recurring income to sustain their future.

Taking into consideration that an online business should be for the duration and not be looked upon as a passing phase, then a business plan must be created to see the direction that will carry it to long term. When an Internet business owner hasn’t planned for the future of their business more than likely that business will fail. The reason that 90% of businesses in America fail every year is because of neglecting to create a business plan.

All to often, new Internet marketers don’t have a clue as to what a business plan is. They don’t understand why they need to have one, or how to write a business plan. People that want to make money NOW are failing to realize that it takes time to build an online business They have been sold a pipe dream – that they can make a fortune instantly, which just is not the case. A successful business whether online or off line, needs to be built and nurtured over time as it will not happen immediately. There is no such thing as an overnight or instant success, no matter what they may have been led to believe. A business needs a chance to blossom and grow. Without having a business plan to follow, the business is on very shaking ground and is doomed to fail.

Do you have a Hobby or a Business?

Many people are confused about the difference between the two.

When someone has a hobby, it is either something that they love to do, or it is something to keep them busy. Most hobbyist also hope, in the back of their minds, that eventually they may be able to make a little extra spending money from their hobby.

The only objective for operating an online business is to make a profit from the sales of goods or services and that’s it. Before sales can be made an online presence must be established first in order to make money selling those goods or services

Before getting started in any business online or off, it is a necessity to have a business plan in order to set the direction that the business will follow. Having a plan will not only guide the business direction but will also help the business owner to realize how they will reach their destination.

Goals will need to be set, which will help the Internet marketer keep focused while they strive to reach the goals. Once a goal has been reached successfully, they can then move onto the next goal and so on until the ultimate goal has been reached.

Statistics have proven that a business that follows a business plan will not only succeed, but will see a higher profit than a business operating without a plan. Statistics state that an online business will increase their profit margins by 55% by following a plan, while a business operating without a plan will only see up to 34% profits, if they stay in business at all.

When marketing on the Internet, drive, determination and perseverance are a necessity once a business plan has been created. The drive is to take action and implement the plan; the determination is to see it through; and the perseverance is to keep at it, even when the marketer doesn’t feel like it.

Once the business plan has been created, stuffing it into the desk drawer or storing it on the computer hard drive is not going to get it done. Create the business plan, implement it, achieve the short term goals and strive for the long term goals. Only then can one have a successful online business.