Business Loans For Small Business Owners

If you watched the third and final presidential debate, you are sure to have heard the candidates discuss the issues of small business and small business owners. You listened attentively as Obama spoke about his tax plan that would cut taxes for people making less than $250,000 a year, making it easier for those people to get to the position where they are able to buy and own small businesses. And you took note as

McCain spoke about his tax plan, that caters to those who have already succeeded as small business owners and would “give the largest cuts to the very wealthy,” as stated in a recent Washington Post article.

Regardless of whose plan you agree with, the fact remains: Small business owners can greatly benefit from business loans, and even in the current state of the economy, there are ways for small business owners to find sufficient business financing. One of these existing methods of business financing is a business cash advance.

The business cash advance is often viewed as a business loan alternative; typically because business owners who find themselves facing bank business loan denials are often able to acquire the funds they need through a business cash advance, due to the easy-to-meet requirements.

Applicants who have owned a business for a minimum of four months, have no unresolved bankruptcies, at least one year remaining on their business’s lease, and process at least $2,500 per month in credit card sales, can receive a business cash advance of up to 30 percent more than their business’s average monthly credit card sales.

The business cash advance can be used at the borrower’s discretion, with no restrictions. Therefore, instead of preparing a proposal and presentation, hoping your loan request will not be denied due to your inability to persuade the lender, you will simply be required to provide the four most recent months of your business’s credit card statements. Based on those numbers, business cash advance lenders will determine how much you qualify for, your total payback amount, and the percentage of your business’s future credit card sales that will go toward your business cash advance repayment.

The structure and availability of business cash advances make the possibility of business financing a reality for small business owners across the United States. So whether the newly famous “Joe the Plumber,” that we’ve all gotten to know so well, buys a business that makes over $250,000 a year and sees a tax increase, or a tax decrease, he can rest assured that if he needs fast funds for his business (and that business processes credit card sales), he can get a business cash advance, and have money funded into the account of his choice in as little as ten business days.