12 Business-Building Principles For Serious Entrepreneurs

1. Know That Your Business Needs You To Exist.

You are the life-force of your business. If you do not make yourself available to build it, you will have no business.

2. Decide Why And How Big You Are Building Your Business.

If you do not know why or how big you are building your business, you won’t be able to survive the challenges ahead of you and you won’t do what’s required to succeed. If you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

3. Decide How Much Time You Will Dedicate To Building Your Business Each Week.

You must dedicate some of your time to building your business every week. Creating a business requires investing TIME into the building process. You can build a business with a little bit of money, but you won’t build a massive business with a little bit of time. Just like your present job, no work means no pay.

4. Decide How Much Money You Will Invest In Building Your Business Each Week.

You must also dedicate some of your money to fund your business. To build your business requires tools. Whatever those tools are, you need to acquire them. Determine what tools you need and how much they will cost. Create a funding plan and a budget for your business. Every dime invested in your business must yield some profit or you don’t need to spend it.

5. Decide How Many Months/Years You Will Take To Get Your Business To Where You Want To Be.

Your business will take time to grow and develop into a self-sustaining enterprise. You will not get there overnight. It requires long-term planning and dedication. Your time-frame will be determined by how soon you desire the rewards of your business. How badly do you want those rewards? How long are you willing to wait for them?

6. Develop A Work Plan To Make Your Business Happen.

You must decide how you are going to work your business. You must have a written work plan and schedule that you are using or you will not be consistent. Consistency is the key to progress. Set achievement goals for your work. Check your progress against your work plan and make needed adjustments until you find what works best for you. Be flexible.

7. Understand The Purpose Of Your Business.

If you don’t understand what your business is all about, then you cannot dedicate yourself and will not be able to promote it strongly or defend it against challenges. Do not confuse your long-term business with a short-term hustle. You are either building a business that will change your future or you are simply looking to raise some quick cash for a one-time event.

8. Become An Expert At Explaining Your Business To Others.

Every business fills a social need. What need are you aiming to fill? You must be able to clearly explain to your prospects what you are doing and how it can benefit them. No one will buy from you or do business with you if you don’t know what you are offering or what you are doing. Study the business materials and use your product yourself. You must be the expert on your business. Only you can be the expert for your business.

9. Learn What You Have To Do To Build Your Business.

Every business has a business model. Learn and understand the business model for your type of business. You are building a self-sustaining referral business. Your business requires that you refer people to do business with your company. The more people doing business with your company, the greater your income.

10. Do What You Have To Do To Build Your Business.

You have to do a certain type of work to build your business. You have to encourage other people to use the services of your company and join you in promoting these services to others. Your work creates your business. Do your work and you will get paid. It takes money to afford the lifestyle you want. Remember, no work, no progress, no pay! That’s the reality of the financial world. Ask your present boss, if you ever forget.

11. Always Keep In Mind Your Reason For Building Your Business.

When you first decided to build your business, you had a reason that motivated you. Write it down and put it where you can see it daily. Read and reread this reason frequently to keep yourself motivated. Paste up pictures of the things you want to acquire. Talk constantly about the life you are in the process of creating. You will dedicate yourself to your business only as long as you believe in your reason for doing it. Without a strong, clear reason for building your business, life’s challenges will overcome you and you will fall by the wayside. Your business needs you to believe in it so that it can happen.

12. Understand That You Are An Exceptional Person, Just For Attempting To Improve Your Lifestyle. Most people settle for whatever life gives them because they do not understand that Life will always test you and give you only what you agree to accept. The lifestyle you live now is the result of the choices you made so far. Changing your choices always changes your life. Whatever choice you make, you will have to work at it. You get nothing from life without striving for it. You will work hard at being poor or you can work hard at being rich. The choice is always yours. If you are currently broke, then you should realize that you can increase your income to produce money. That is what you do when you engage in building a business.

—–Above All, Remember This—–

Building a business requires that you think like a business-owner and not like a wage-earner. Wage-earners work to make business-owners successful. The extent to which you readjust your thinking patterns from being a wage-earner to being a business-owner will determine your level of success in any business venture. See yourself as a business-owner at all times and you will succeed.